“123movies”, or 123 movies, is a famous streaming website where one can watch the latest movies and tv shows for free. It has two sister sites owned by the same owner, GoMovies and 123MoviesHub. Though very unlikely, but if you never heard of “123movies” before, let me tell you that you’re in for a treat, because here we will discuss everything you should know about this site and how you can enjoy those movies without getting into any trouble, safely and securely, and as we mentioned already – with zero cost (except your internet bill of course).

If you google the term “123movies”, you’ll see the URL of this site on top of the result page. It receives more than a million views every single day, only because it allows the viewers to stream all those latest movies and tv sessions, without charging a dime! With thousands of such titles available to watch or to download at any given time, it’s evident that visitors from every corner of the world would like to spend their time here to watch any movie or tv show based on their liking, instead of visiting a theatre to watch a particular movie while having to pay for the ticket.

But this is not the only such streaming site available online, in fact, there are a plethora of similar websites floating all over the internet, and it seems that every day some new sites just appear out of nowhere. So, the question arises, how this site became so popular among all those similar sites? Why they get such a significant share of total movie related traffic from google?

And exactly what they are doing differently to get the attention of most of the viewers when other sites are just struggling to get decent traffic compared with the “123movies”? Moreover, this site somehow managed to keep afloat for many years since its launch without going offline for any noticeable time period, when most of its counterparts weren’t able to stay online for any significant amount of time due to one reason or another – one may wonder why? Just like you, we are equally eager to find out, let’s have a closer look!

Reason#1: User-friendly design of the site


Let’s talk about this first, the design. 3 words we need to describe the design of this site – unique, refreshing, user-friendly. The moment you open the site in your browser, you’re guaranteed to be overwhelmed by the huge collection of their films and tv series. But once that initial excitement fades out, you’ll see at the top of the home page, all the latest hit movies and tv series listed there with thumbnail image – for your convenience to select and start watching immediately.

The site is designed professionally, with a clear purpose to make the experience of a viewer as hassle-free as possible and at the same time, offering him as many options as possible so that a visitor gets to watch everything he/she wanted without feeling any need for browsing away to look elsewhere. Each and every movie listed on the homepage has its poster as thumbnail image with clear readable text. You can start watching by selecting any latest movie at the top of the home page, or if you want to see more from their collection of thousands of titles to choose from there, you just have scroll down the page slowly.

As you scrolling down and the page gets loaded instantly (depending on your internet speed, because the page is graphics heavy), movies and tv shows will start to uncover in beautifully organized fashion by genre and year of release. Or one can just head to the “suggestions” section and select their favorite one which is categorically laid out by their rating and views. Browsing through the site is extremely straight forward and you can start watching a movie in just a few seconds with a maximum one or two mouse clicks. Unlike similar other sites – where your fingers get pretty much work-out by clicking endlessly to ultimately land at the actual streaming page.

In short, “123movies” site is made to satisfy a visitor by giving them what they came for – as soon as possible without much fuss. Where other similar sites are focused to get as much ad revenue as possible by making a visitor clicking through all those menus and advertisements to get what they came for. This is one of the main reasons why the other sites fail to even stay in business, while “123movies” keep thriving and enjoying a steady influx of visitors. It’s like they got the basic of any business – customer satisfaction. Once you have a satisfied visitor, ad-revenue (or any other kind of revenue) keeps coming automatically, there’s no need to rub those ads on the nose of the visitors at every page and with every click.

Reason#2: Less advertisement


It’s, of course, one of the main reasons behind the success of the “123movies”. Movie buffs, who want to watch all of their favorite movies, but do not want to pay, come to “123movies” or other similar sites knowing they will have to bear the advertisements. It’s a given and they seemingly have no problem with it. However, what “123movies” doing differently than others is throwing fewer ads to the users and also those ads are less intrusive, compared to its rivals. Just like the site design, the motto of “123movies” seems not to ruin the viewing experience of a user. At the end of the day, that’s what matters most – and when other sites failed to understand this (or just don’t care and took the visitors for granted), “123movies” doing it the way it should be done.

Reason#3: Fast streaming servers

In the end, people want to watch movies, uninterrupted. “123movies” just excels in this department, they gather links from faster streaming sources than what rivals can provide. Also, they replace any broken link very promptly.

Reason#4: Presence of many years

“123movies” is live for many years and it is providing such free content since when there were not many other options available. Over time, it became a well-known movie streaming brand and hence a large number of new visitors, caused by “word-of-mouth” publicity, come to this site directly without clicking through any search engine. Also, due to the online presence of so many years, it enjoys a large number of loyal and regular visitors who visit this site frequently.

Therefore, no matter it’s sunny or rainy, they never lose the visitor count by any significant number on any given day. This is the reason their ad-revenue never fell beyond a certain limit and they were able to keep their service running for such a long time. While other sites do not enjoy such a steady flow of visitors always – hence the ad revenue they earn is not consistent and probably not enough to sustain such service for a long time.

Reason#5: The diverse collection and request-a-movie feature

This is where the plot thickens! Almost none of the rivals of “123movies” offer the request-a-movie feature. This feature allows a user to request a movie or tv show, in case it’s not available in the site yet. It’s a very thoughtful and unique touch to the already awesome service it’s offering to its viewers. Who is this earth wouldn’t like to watch a movie on demand online, that too for free? And based on what we experienced in this site, it does fulfill such request coming from the viewers and requested movies start showing up on the site, promptly and regularly.

Reason#6: The awesome video player

This is an important feature, yet can be easily ignored. Particularly when you’re streaming from a site, the video player of that site contributes significantly to the overall viewer experience. Because while streaming, viewers cannot use their own stand-alone video player installed in their device, hence they have to rely on the site’s in-built player. So, an in-built video player should have similar features a popular stand-alone video player has got, and more. And that’s what exactly “123movies” offers. It’s basically a JW player, with some useful custom features.

First, once you click to that movie, you’ll be redirected to the streaming page – and there you’ll find that big “play” button waiting for you to be clicked. But wait a few seconds, just hover your mouse on that player and many details regarding that particular movie will start to appear. Such as the duration and quality of the video, rating on IMDB, etc. The quality can’t be changed though, the player will automatically select the exact quality based on your data connection speed for flawless viewing.

Now, once you click the play button, the video will start and all the options and settings you need will be displayed at the bottom of the player. Like changing screen size, caption turn on and off, audio level adjustment, etc. And if you choose to select the “auto next” option, the player will automatically play the next episode of a tv series when the current one ends – and you won’t even have to touch the mouse and click on anything.

123movies unblocked: How to unblock if 123movies is banned in your country?


The time comes when every such pirate movie site gets blocked by the governments worldwide. As usual, the USA, UK, and Australia take such steps first, and then other countries follow suit gradually. So, if you’re living in that part of the earth where “123movies” is blocked, there’s nothing to be worried about. Plenty of methods available to unblock a banned site. But here we will talk about only the best and most secure method – VPN or virtual private network.

With a premium VPN, you can unblock almost every site blocked or banned in your country. However, no matter how tempting it feels, don’t risk your privacy and your device and fall prey to any free VPN. There are plenty of reputable VPN service providers available where you can subscribe for as low as $3 per month. Such as ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and IPVanish, to name just a few. These are cheap (even cheaper if you commit for long term), they provide secure encrypted connection (so that your ISP or anybody won’t be able to track your “123movies” usage) and all three of them have a no-log policy. You simply can’t go wrong by choosing any of the three.

“123movies” shut down: We know why!

At March 2018, “123movies” finally declared its shut down by issuing a statement on their site. It came as a bolt from the blue to the millions of viewers who were enjoying the show for years and now, they have to search for the alternatives. Though they didn’t mention any reason, we now came to know from a trusted source that the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) is behind their closure. MPAA, along with the USA government, started putting enough political pressure to the Vietnam government (“123movies” is allegedly based on Vietnam) recently. As a result, law enforcement in Vietnam started looking for the site admins of “123movies”. So, it’s almost clear that due to the increased law enforcement activity against them made the site admins of “123movies” leave the business and announce the closure for good.

Alternatives of “123movies”

The problem with such sites is they get shut down eventually, and the alternatives which appear to take the place, they get closed even sooner. So, no matter what alternative sites we tell you about today, there’s a big chance that you won’t see them live tomorrow. That’s why we carefully selected a bunch of “123movies” alternatives here which are online for quite some time and updating their content on a regular basis –

1. YesMovies


This is our #1 select and hands down the best one we have found since the demise of “123movies”. The reason is not only the extensive selection of movies and tv shows from Hollywood, but they also boast a very impressive collection of Bollywood flicks, as well as Tamil, Telegu and Malayalam movies from India.

2. AZMovies 


This is our second-best choice. With an excellent collection of movies and tv series, they boast mostly HD quality videos on their site. Each and every title has more than one streaming link, to ensure uninterrupted and smooth viewing experience.

3. Yify Movies


This come 3rd in our list, but it’s no less than the two mentioned above. We chose this due to the fact that they update their database with the latest movies faster compared with others. However, to do that, they have to compromise on quality. So, don’t be surprised to get only the CAM or TS quality videos if you want to watch that latest flick released this week. This is not a bad thing indeed; many viewers prefer to watch the latest releases and don’t mind the quality of the video.


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