“Coke and popcorn” is a popular website where users can find all the popular classics, new blockbusters, game shows, and TV series under one roof. One can find the latest episode of game of thrones or the newest Avenger movie on this website, and enjoy them absolutely free. Yes, streaming content from this site is free, even no registration is required.

The site itself does not host the content in their own server in order to avoid obvious legal issues. It, however, embeds the video content to its pages from other streaming sources. And because many such streaming sources are available online, viewers have a plethora of choices to stream from. In case a particular source doesn’t have the exact quality one looking for, he/she can easily jump over to another source provided in the site – this is one of the great features made “coke and popcorn” so popular among the users worldwide.

If you don’t know, the site actually uses a Switzerland specific .ch domain extension (cokepopcorn.ch), and that’s the reason it was able to avoid global attention for a long time and was able to run the site without much hassle.

Coke & Popcorn: The reasons behind its popularity

Coke And Popcorn

There’s not even a shred of doubt that the site is very popular among the viewers from all over the world, and you might wonder why so, because there are many such alternatives, right? Wrong! There’s actually a lack of alternatives. Let me explain.

Due to the steady increase of smartphones and tablets in densely populated countries like China, India, Bangladesh, etc., there is a strong and steadily rising number of new users who are in search for all the latest movies and tv shows on the internet. When just a few years ago, these countries had slow internet bandwidth and data cost was huge, today high-speed 4g bandwidth is easily available in those places, for an unbelievably low price. Many ISPs in these countries are offering literally unlimited high-speed download throughout the month for a very reasonable price. Hence, the demand of latest and high-quality content is growing by leaps and bounds among the users.

But there are not many alternatives. Yes, there’s YouTube – the most popular free video hosting site, but it doesn’t host the latest flicks. YouTube offers a paid option too, but the money they charge for each movie is sometimes higher than the cost you have to bear if you watch the same in a theatre in some countries. So, that’s really not an option for many, when there are far better options like Netflix or Amazon Prime is available already if one wants to enjoy the latest movies and tv shows.

While streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime are undoubtedly better options than the so-called paid option of YouTube, they do not offer the service for free. Yes, they charge a very reasonable monthly fee and provides a diverse range of latest movies, tv shows, comedy shows and most importantly, originals. However, we are talking about “global” audience here. The fee Netflix or similar services charge may seem inexpensive for viewers in the USA or Europe, but that’s not the case for most of the users who come from developing third world countries.

For example, Netflix Premier plan costs 800 INR in India, and spending this amount to watch some movies and tv shows is not an option for various reasons. First, cable tv connection is much cheaper, like less than half of that. Secondly, you can enjoy cable tv with the whole family, when Netflix in phone or tablet is merely for personal viewing. And third, with Netflix, you’re spending your data too, that means apart from monthly Netflix fee, you have to pay additional internet bill too – when cable tv doesn’t cost you anything additional. Hence, it’s obvious that Netflix and other similar services can’t be true alternatives of such a service the “coke and popcorn” provides.

And we know very well that downloading from some pirate sites or torrenting is always risky, you can surely download that blockbuster from a torrent site – but that comes with a greater risk of exposing your device to a storm of viruses and malicious codes. And needless to say, that no matter how good your antivirus is, they always fail at some point.

I hope now it’s clear why “coke and popcorn” is so popular. It’s a site which provides all those latest shows free of cost without any virus and malware. Sure, they show lots of advertisements, however, users seem don’t bother and actually happy to enjoy their favorite movies in the cost of advertisements.

Coke and Popcorn: Exactly how it works?

Coke And Popcorn

Staffs at “Coke and Popcorn” aka. CnP finds and gathers streaming links of popular flicks and tv series from many other content hosting sites. Usually if one wants to find such links, he/she will have to browse through many such sites, and still won’t be able to find links for every movie or every episode of a popular series. Moreover, there’s a big chance that one will have to encounter lots of malware while browsing through those shady sites.

Here, CnP does that job for you, they collect all those streaming links for you, they make sure that the links are not infected with any virus or malware and they ensure a seamless viewing experience where you’ll find each and every episode of a single TV series. They save your time, effort and data by gathering and placing all those links for you in a single site so that you can enjoy your favorite movie or tv show while having peace of mind knowing that the site is safe without any malware.

They even collect more than one link for every movie or TV episode from different source hosting sites, to ensure you can always find another streaming option of the same movie if the current one is not working or loading slow or simply the video is of lower quality than you expected.

Coke and Popcorn: Is it really Free?

There’s no free lunch in life, so obviously when a site provides such wonderful service to its users, there’s a monetary goal at the end. Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other streaming services charge monthly subscription fee which helps them to release new content frequently and cover the expenses for ongoing services.

However, the revenue generation methods have to be different for sites like CnP,standalive. The very reason behind their huge success is that they don’t charge any money from the viewers, therefore they must keep it that way to make sure viewers keep coming. So, the only way to make money from such a site is to sell its traffic. It’s a win-win situation for both parties. When a viewer come to this site to watch a blockbuster movie, it’s evident that he/she is not ready to pay any money to watch that. And to avoid paying money, he/she compromises with the ultimate viewing experience.

Like they don’t bother the advertisement appearing frequently when watching a title, they don’t bother frequent pop-ups when browsing the site, and they, of course, don’t bother the fact that they are being used as a product and being sold to the advertisers as traffic.

At the end of the day, users are not paying any money directly, so it’s free lunch for them – but the site is generating revenue by showing the advertisement to its viewers to cover its expenses and to make some profit on top of that.

Coke and Popcorn: Wait, it’s legal, right?

Of course not! “Coke and Popcorn” is straight illegal, there’s absolutely no doubt about it. Everything they have in their site, from that recently released Hollywood blockbuster or that TV series, are being shown illegally without sharing any revenue generated from the site to the producers and rights holders of those titles. When you watch a show on Coke and Popcorn, you’re watching it for free – the CnP owners got their money from the advertisers by selling your visit to their site as mere traffic – but the right holders of those flicks, never receive even a cent from Coke and Popcorn. It’s illegal in almost all jurisdiction, no matter which country you live in.

So, one may ask, how come sites like Coke and Popcorn thrive or even exist if this is illegal in every jurisdiction? Well, there’s a lot of legal loopholes and jurisdictional limits. Let me explain.

First of all, Coke and Popcorn do not host any content in their own server directly, they act as a compiler of links of such content available in other video hosting sites. So, they are making use of a legal loophole to avoid any legal step against them.

Secondly, they use a Switzerland specific domain extension (.ch). It’s not easy to take down a site with a specific country-TLDR compared with other global TLDRs like .com, .net, etc, and that too of a country like Switzerland – where “Privacy and Data Protection Law” is very strict and pro-user in nature.

Third, site admins and owners of the “Coke and Popcorn” obviously use proxy, VPN or other private and secure method to stay anonymous on the internet. Though those methods are no guarantee to make anybody 100% anonymous, by using those methods, one can make the job of law enforcement harder to such an extent that they simply give up.

Especially when the law enforcement in every country facing real-world crimes like murder, rape, riot, etc. to deal with constantly, they are least bothered to chase some anonymous website owner for a crime like copyright infringement. Needless to say, most of the times, the site owners and admins live cross border and out of direct jurisdiction of law enforcement of a particular country and they have to deal with the law and justice system of multiple countries, making the whole process of taking down those sites even more complex and troublesome.

Fourth and most importantly, even if you get succeeded to take down a site, it’s just a matter of few hours to relaunch the same site with a different domain name with all the content, if they have a regular backup of the site content.

These are reasons why sites like Coke and Popcorn do exist and will keep existing and will cater to the demand of the viewers for free content.

Coke and Popcorn: Why they shut down?

Like every “good” thing in life, Coke and Popcorn too had a limited lifetime which just ended at 2nd quarter of 2017, when they publicly announced that they are closing down their site and all operations regarding the same by posting an open message on the homepage of their site, they didn’t explain “why” though.

They also specified it clear that this is not a temporary situation, rather a permanent closure and they are not coming back in foreseeable future. It’s possible that they were feeling the heat from the international law enforcement and that’s the reason they decided to shut it down. Or due to the launch of several similar sites in recent years, the competition got fierce and the advertisement revenue fell to such an extent that the site owner didn’t consider the site is worth running anymore. We do not know the exact reason and they didn’t give any hint, so all we can do is just guessing.

They, however, warned their users to avoid similar other sites which may pop up to fill the gap in their absence and advised to take the safe route and watch Netflix instead, which is an irony in itself!

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Coke and Popcorn: Is there any alternative or we are left with Netflix and such?

Coke And Popcorn

No, you don’t need to head over to Netflix or anything such. As always, no place can be vacant for long, and there are lots of alternatives to “Coke and Popcorn” do exist already. You just need to find them. But no need to be worried, we have done the researching for you and compiled a list of the best ones available right now so that you can keep enjoying your movies.

Disclaimer: There is no guarantee that these sites/services won’t infect your device with malware which can lead to various damages and personal information such as email, password, etc. can be stolen. We deny to take any responsibility for any such incident – you’re the only one who will be responsible for your own action. Further, we do not encourage you to visit any of the sites mentioned below, you should watch the content legally in any legal platform (like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.). All of the sites we mentioned below just as a reference and for educational and research purpose only. So, just do your due diligence and have safe browsing.

1. Popcornflix

Popcorn Flix

This is one of the best alternatives to Coke and Popcorn. Hundreds of movies and original series you can enjoy in HD resolution. The best part is, no registration required at all and no matter what title you want to watch, you won’t have to click your mouse more than twice – such hassle free the viewing experience here!

2. FMovies


This one would easily make among the top 5 of any list of free movie sites. It features almost all the latest blockbuster titles, and mostly in HD quality, what else anybody can ever ask for? They also offer a premium membership for a low price if you want an ad-free experience. Though due to copyright issues and legal actions from the law enforcement worldwide, they are changing their domain frequently; but considering their steadily increasing traffic volume, it’s evident that the users seem not to bother much about that.

3. PutLocker


There’s no way you haven’t heard of this site if you consider yourself a movie buff. The movie library they got is huge in terms of sheer number and diversity of genre, language, region. They offer you the direct streaming option, as well as download option so that you can download your flicks and watch later offline if you wish so.

4. Crunchyroll


For all those Japanese anime fans, this one is for you. The diverse range of anime and manga movies they offer is incomparable. Probably one of the largest (if not the largest one) collection of anime movies you’ll find here, and you can enjoy all you want – but there’s a catch! This site doesn’t offer unlimited free access, you have to subscribe to their premium plan. Though the price is cheap considering what they offer, this still can be a deal-breaker to many.

5. BigStar Movies


This one is not so much mainstream. They mainly feature titles what we call “made for film festivals”, not very commercially successful – but critically acclaimed award-winning flicks. If you’re tired and bored with meaningless Hollywood style action and melodramatic romance, then this one would bring some fresh air.

If you feel we missed some great alternatives deserved to be in this list, don’t hesitate to shoot us a mail or comment below.


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