Each and every year, in USA alone, cable companies are losing their valued subscriptions gradually. And this is because of the service named “Netflix”. Apparently, Netflix is gaining the exact customers cable companies losing there. Though it’s very unlikely if you’re in USA, but If you’re the kind of person who is still enjoying your cable tv, chances are you haven’t heard about Netflix yet, neither plenty others similar streaming services like Amazon prime etc. Some people, just hate any changes – but take that leap of faith, get rid of that ugly cable box of yours, go to Netflix.com or download the Netflix app in your phone – life will be much more exciting for you, period.

What is Netflix ?


In simple words, It is an online streaming service, in which you can watch all your favorite blockbuster movies, tv shows, exclusive tv and web series, comedy shows and other entertainments on your PC, MAC, IPad, IPhone or Android – basically on anything with a screen and a data connection. Sounds great, isn’t it? There’s a catch though. This is streaming service, all the content will be streamed to your device directly from Netflix server – so you’d need a fast data connection, preferably a broadband or 4G connection.

Unlike cable tv, where you just have to pay the monthly bill and can watch your tv 24×7 if you wish so without any extra cost – here in Netflix, you’ll have to bear the data cost as well as the monthly subscription fee. So, unless you have an “unlimited data plan”, you’re looking for a fat bill next month from your internet service provider. However, You can download movies, tv series inside Netflix when you’re doing something else and can watch them later offline. This is ideal for those who don’t enjoy high speed data connection like their lucky counterparts.

Now you know what’s Netflix is today and how it can make your life full of blockbuster entertainment, let’s talk about a little bit history of Netflix. Netflix, the leading streaming service in the world as we know it, wasn’t always like this. It was actually a DVD rental company which used to send DVDs to its subscriber’s home by mail.

If you want to be old school, you can still opt for this option, can take unlimited DVD or Blu-ray disks every month by paying a fixed small monthly fee of $14.99 (Blu-ray disk, premiere plan). This streaming service started by Netflix at 2007. Today, after more than a decade since its streaming service launched, Netflix is the most respected name in entertainment world.

How to download Netflix ?


If you’re asking “how to download Netflix”, I assume you are asking for your smartphone. Because in PC or Mac, Netflix works directly in browser through the site www.netflix.com. You have to go to the site, log in and voila! All the titles there waiting for you to watch. Now, if you’re a smartphone user, the steps are very straight forward. Just like any other app, you have to go to app store (in case of iPhone users) or play store (for android) and search with the name “Netflix” there. Now you download and install the app from there, log in with your user credentials, and enjoy – no biggie.

How to get Netflix for free ?


Yes, there are ways you can watch Netflix for free, legally. But I wouldn’t recommend that you watch Netflix for free. They are charging a small monthly subscription and providing world’s biggest digital library of movies, tv programs and other entertainment in ultra HD quality in your phone, pc, tv and anywhere whenever you want – don’t they deserve that small price? I think they do.

Having said that, I’m also a strong advocate of content being free and fair to all regardless of the demographics, race, gender and financial condition. I understand sometimes that monthly fee can be a burden too, especially for students and unemployed people. So, I’ll share some methods with you so that you can enjoy Netflix till the time you can afford that monthly fee.


First method provided by Netflix itself. It gives you a free trial month of unlimited content access. But you have to register with your credit or debit card number or with PayPal. You can enjoy a full month of Netflix access free of cost, just remember that 30th day and cancel your subscription just before that day. Otherwise, your card will be charged for the next month.

Now, here’s a trick for you. If you got multiple credit or debit cards, you can continue getting this free trial month, just by changing to a new card details and billing address every month (again, don’t ever forget to cancel the subscription inside the Netflix account of yours to avoid the charge). In short, if you got total 5 credit or debit cards, you’re getting 5 months free of full and unlimited Netflix access. Cool, huh?

However, very few people got multiple CC or debit cards. So, what other options do we, the lesser mortals, have? The answer is PayPal. Yes, Netflix accept PayPal. You can have up to 7 email addresses at any given time in your PayPal account. So, what you have to do is just add choose “PayPal” as your payment option in Netflix while registering, and then cancel the subscription just before the 30th day as usual, start over with a new email address of the same PayPal account, rinse and repeat. That’s it!

Netflix Doesn’t Accept Paypal

Netflix doesn’t accept PayPal for every country, so what they can do where PayPal is not a payment option? Now, this is kind of grey area what I’m going to tell you now. Though I think there’s no reason it is illegal or anything like that, some people don’t agree. You be the judge and use it at your own discretion. Okay, let’s come to the point.

Just head over to google, and search with the terms like “free virtual credit card”. There will be many options available, most of them would offer you virtual credit cards for a very small one-time deposit/fee (much lower than Netflix monthly subscription price), some sites would even give you free virtual cards upon registration. So, collect as many VCC from those sites, but please take care while choosing them. Some sites can be shady or even scam, read reviews online for each site before signing up – never forget to do your own due diligence. After getting these virtual cards, you can use them every time you want a free trial month of Netflix.

Here, I have saved the best for the last. This one is not free literally, but if you get something as cheap as 4 times less of the regular price, what would you call that? Yep, it’s the next best thing! But here you can’t do it alone, you’d need family or friends. If there are 4 people, including you, interested to get Netflix for as cheap as possible – just subscribe their “Premiere” plan where they allow 4 devices to be used with the same account, at the same time. That means, for only 1 paid subscription, 4 people can enjoy different Netflix shows in their own devices at anywhere, at the same time – basically making it 4 times cheaper for each of them. If this is not great, I don’t know what else could be!

How to search on Netflix ?


Once you do login to your account in Netflix, there are multiple ways to search your favorite movie or TV shows. First of all, when you register and login for the first time – Netflix asks for your favorite movie/tv shows on the screen by showing you a vast range of titles, from 80’s classic to current blockbusters. There is something for everybody, so just choose the titles you like already or would love to watch. Then based on that choice of yours, Netflix would show you titles in every possible ranges. You can search movies or tv shows by your favorite director’s name, actor’s name, movie name, genre type, etc.

Like say, you want to see the latest Spiderman blockbuster – so just start typing “Spiderman” in the search box, you will see multiple Spiderman flicks got displayed there for you to choose from. If you want to see a movie starring “Liam Neeson”, just start typing the name in the search box, and there you go! Films featuring Liam Neeson would be there and you just click on your favorite title and start watching. Similarly, you can search by your favorite director’s name.

Netflix though made it easy if you want to search by category. Like genre wise or language wise. Want to watch some crime thriller? There’s a category for that, at the main screen and you just have to select that genre. Or if you want to watch some flicks in French language – same way you have to select the language option and you can watch that French movie there. Are you craving for some good laugh after a long day of work? You can browse around the “Stand up comedy” category. If you don’t know already, Netflix got probably the largest collection of exclusive stand-up comedy shows than any other streaming service, so you’re up for some crazy laughter rides if that’s your thing.

How to delete Netflix History ?


Okay I got it, you want to delete your watching history from your Netflix account. There can be many reasons when someone would like to do that. Sometimes we find ourselves enjoying certain shows, which are, we can say ‘less preferred” as per our recent taste. But now our recommended list is full of similar flicks. Or sometimes we might watch something that we don’t want anybody to know, particularly if the account is being used by multiple members of family or friends. Whatever the situation is, deleting that history is your only option – and you can do that from your laptop or phone browser going through the same steps mentioned below –

Open your browser and type www.netflix.com

Login to your account by putting user credentials

Place the mouse pointer on the profile image of yours at the top of your account main screen.

Go to “account” option

Select “My profile” and there you can find option called “Viewing activity” – just click that.

Here you can see all the flicks you watched so far. Just keep clicking that “X” button besides every title you want to delete from your history. Or you can delete the entire series of shows if you want to do that. However, there’s no one single button for you to delete entire history from your Netflix activity, so you must be ready to spend some time there deleting the titles, if there are many.

How many people can watch Netflix at once?


One account can be shared with multiple people, depending on which payment plan you have subscribed from Netflix. There are 3 plans currently, Basic, Standard and Premier. While in basic plan, you’re limited to 1 device only, in Standard, you can use same account in 2 devices and in Premiere, 4 people can use same account in their own devices at once.

How to change language in Netflix?


You have to follow the same process initially as you did to delete recent history from Netflix account. Here again, login to your account from any browser. Point mouse at your profile picture, then click to “Preferred language” and here you can change your language option. After you have changed the language to your desired one, you have to log out and then log in back to save the change.

How to cancel Netflix subscription ?


First you need to be logged in to your Netflix account. After log in, go to your profile image at the top of the browser, and click on the “account” option. There you’ll find an option named “Membership and Billing”. Click on that. You will see the cancel button there, named “Cancel Membership”. Once you click that box, you’ll see the “Finish cancellation” option – you have to click that to confirm your cancellation. And that’s all.

How to sign out of Netflix?


I guess you’re logged in to your account already. Hover your mouse cursor on the profile picture, select the “Account” and on that “My account” page you’ll find option “Sign out of all devices” under the “settings” tab. Once you click that, you’ll be prompted to the confirmation message – and there you have to click that pre-selected blue button named “sign out”. Remember, if you do this, all other people using the same account in different devices, they will be signed out too (if you’re sharing same account with others or using in different devices).

How to delete Netflix Profile?


If you have multiple profiles in your account and you want to delete some, then this you can do that from your account page. Again, just like other steps, you have to click on the “Account” option under profile image. Here you’ll see “My profile” section, under that tab, “Manage profile” option should be clicked. Can you see the edit icon on the exact profile which you want to delete? Just click that and confirm with another click on the “delete profile” box and you’re done here.

Remember, this is not to cancel your Netflix account altogether or the subscription. To do that, you have to follow steps I have mentioned above.

What other alternatives we have like Netflix ?


There are many alternatives you can find. And among them, some of the noteworthy options are Hulu, Amazon Prime,Coke And Popcorn, HBO Now, Sling TV and MUBI. Though none of them can match the gigantically diverse digital library Netflix offers to its subscribers. Those options are good to subscribe at the same time while you’re subscribed to Netflix also. But if you want to cancel Netflix and want to choose another alternative to replace Netflix altogether, honestly there’s none which can offer you similar experience – not even close, period.

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